Waterless Car Wash Spray

Waterless Car Wash Spray for Cars, Boats, Motorcycles & More

Our eco friendly waterless car wash spray is great for cars, boats, motorcycles, RV’s, Yachts, Small Airpcraft, medium to large Air Planes and much more!

We are an eco friendly car wash company right here in the heart of Fort Lauderdale; registered and licensed in the state of Florida. Our company is a year and a half now, and we are on the verge of many new and exciting things. One of the things that we have worked on is a waterless car wash and polish product that doesn’t involve the use of any water at all. Our inspiration for this product stemmed from the various environmental concerns that many cities across the country are facing in regards to water shortages, droughts, and recent questions regarding the cleanliness of the water due to chemical runoff and high lead activity.

We believe that the introduction of our waterless car wash products and services into the community can be a win-win situation for the consumer, the city (environmentally and financially), and many various small businesses alike. Giving people another option besides the traditional water hose and bucket will be indicative of an enormous shift from using over 60 Gallons of water per vehicle, down to ZERO or absolutely NO WATER AT ALL. This shift is slowly gaining popularity in cities all across the country as cities and local governments are beginning to embrace the concept of eco-friendliness, and the value of water continues to rise.

Currently, we have been working on educating the community on these issues via our web blog at https://www.ecocarcarefl.com, and demonstrating the effectiveness of our system whenever we receive requests or at local events. Although this has been a very important part of our growth, we are looking to take our products and system to market, gas stations, or a shopping mall near you.

Our system involves using our Waterless Car Wash & Polish spray, which we spray onto a microfiber towel. We proceed to wipe the car with this soft moist towel, and drying off with a second clean and dry towel. We repeat this process until the car is completely cleaned off, leaving it with a brilliant shine. Our products are 100% environmentally friendly, safe around children and pets, and has received the seal of approval in terms of being VOC Compliant ( volatile organic compounds). This means our Green product is 100% eco friendly and approved by the Environment Protection Agency.

We have received much support from local consumers and local businesses who have pledged to offer our products on their store shelves. Partnering with Eco Car care can help in continuing to not only raise this awareness, but taking the program to new heights with a waterless car wash endorsement while creating real and viable solutions for the following:

Water Runoff (we don’t use water and our products are organic)
Water Waste (we save over 60 Gallons of Water per wash)
Raising Awareness
Creating Opportunity

All in all, we believe that allowing us to render our services within cities all across the united states and the world and will make us all leaders of a positive trend, and essentially make us all pioneers of a Waterless Movement that completely aligns with the current environmental goals that they city has for the near and long term future. With good faith and kind regards,

The Eco Car Care Team

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