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Tire Shine 16oz Eco Car Care


This is a water-based tire dressing solution that once applied is water resistant. Eco Tire shine is a revolutionary new tire shine product that keeps your tires looking sharp and won’t go dull even in the rain. Most other water-based dressings are susceptible to re-emulsification with rain water or other water sources causing the tire to look dull and undressed. Eco Car Care has formulated this unique solution to over come that aspect. Compare Eco Car Care Tire shine side by side with other Eco Friendly Tire Dressing dressings and you will see for yourself.

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Product Description


Eco Car Care’s Tire and Trim dressing is a water-based tire-shine dressing solution that once applied will give you a water resistant shine. With Eco Tire shine you will not lose that new tire shine look when it rains.

  • Leaves a Crisp, Sharp Freshly Detailed Look
  • Brilliant Shine
  • Dries, No Worry of Sling on your Paint
  • Water Repellent
  • Made in the U.S.A


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