How to Use Your Waterless Car Wash Spray

Instructions For Washing Your Car Without Water

How to Use your Waterless Car Wash Spray

Washing your vehicle with Eco Car Care’s Waterless Car Wash and Wax Formula is so easy that anyone can do it!

First, spray the eco friendly car wash and wax formula on to a micro-fiber cloth. Don’t be shy with the spray! You want to get the towel as damp as possible but not necessarily dripping.

Then, apply on to your vehicle in a straight side to side or up and down motion. Besides contrary belief, you do not want to wipe in a swirl motion. You want to prevent swirls on your vehicle, and that motion is a fast track to swirl city over the long term.

After applying with your moist cloth, wipe off the product with another clean dry micro fiber towel.

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