Does Waterless Scratch the Paint?

Does a waterless car wash scratch your cars paint?

This is the epic question that everyone asks and wants an answer to. The answer. Absolutely NOT!

When used correctly a waterless car wash such as Eco Car Care’s Waterless Wash & Polish is the perfect quick detail product to use. In terms of the actual scratches; there are various types of scratches, abrasions, swirls etc. that can be left on your vehicles paint. The question is though, how did it get there? and How can one avoid this? There are visible scratches and then there are micro-scratches that you cannot see with the naked eye. The micro scrathces can be caused by anything from using the wrong towel to picking up sand or maybe a left from the ground. Anytime you wash your car and rub almost any material on it, you’re putting “micro” chips in the paint. Any sort of car wash; hand, waterless, brushless or tunel , does slight damage to the paint its just a matter of what you can actually see and what you cannot. When done by the right person or detailing company, you can get an expert professional waterless detailing done on your vehicle that gives you optimal results every time.

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